Metal garden furniture not only looks stylish on a lawn, but it is also a great option for your conservatory because it looks good and is easy to care for. Metal furniture is becoming a popular choice for homeowners, and there are endless colours available. Here is a quick guide to different types of metal garden accessories and how to choose the right styles.

Types of metal garden furniture
Different metals are used to make tables and loungers, each having distinct qualities. Aluminium for example, is often used in metal furniture designs because of its durability. This material won’t rust when exposed to outdoor elements. Aluminium is also light in weight so your tables and chairs can easily be moved around. Some manufacturers combine this material with another cooler type of metal for use in hot summer months. You can also opt for a design that comes with seat cushions.

Patinated zinc tends to look more industrial, but it still creates a unique appearance and is long lasting. This hard wearing material is a great investment and there are many stunning designs you can choose from.

Wrought iron
This material is heavier than others so you may want to consider it if your garden needs permanent fixtures. Wrought iron can rust, but it is possible to apply an anti-rust treatment to prolong its life. During winter, it is best to store your wrought iron furniture in a shed or garage otherwise your tables and chairs will be damaged in the snow.

Steel furniture, just like wrought iron, also requires powder coating to help protect it from the elements. If the surfaces are chipped, you can touch them up using bare metal. Steel is cheaper than wrought iron and is considered as the premium material to use in furniture making because of its durability.

Pick the right style
To select the right metal garden furniture, you can either opt for metal only or metal combined with other materials. If you go for metal only, your furniture can look contemporary and sleek, especially if you live in a cottage. Combine this with wrought iron, and you will create a rustic-looking garden.


If you opt for metal plus other materials, you can create a sophisticated design that uses all the elements of the construction. Look for strong aliminium chairs that are combined with solid teak wood frames. These are maintenance free and perfect for the modern home.



Parasols look similar to umbrellas, but are much larger and sturdier as they’re designed to provide shade from the sun. They are mostly used in the garden so you would need a base to make them stable. Here is a guide to different types of parasols and how you can use them effectively.

Types of parasols
Parasols are divided into two groups: wall-mounted and freestanding. The freestanding parasol is the most popular choice. It’s supported by the base and you can easily move it to different parts of your garden. A freestanding parasol is so flexible that it can also be placed in the middle of a garden table. When buying this type of parasol, make sure you choose one that’s stain and rot resistant. You must also decide how it will stand as it can either be installed to a side post or centre post. Centre posts are much stronger than their counterparts and are suitable for use in windy conditions.

The wall-mounted parasols don’t require a base. Instead, they’re fitted on an exterior wall and cannot be moved around the garden. These types of parasols are most suitable for decking area or a patio.

Features of parasols
When it comes to deciding on the base and structure material of a parasol, you should consider its features. Some parasols are made in a way that you can change their position easily. The height of the parasol should consist of simple mechanisms for user-friendly purposes. Some mechanisms include rope or cranks.

The other features to look out for are the pockets on the canopy and the drainage systems for rainwater. The size and the base of the parasol should measure to the space in your garden in order to ensure it can fit the actual space.

Parasols, just like umbrellas, protect from the rain and the sun’s rays. These are useful additions to the garden, where your table and guests need protection from adverse weather. Whether you decide on the freestanding or wall-mounted parasols, the type that you choose depends on the space that requires shading. Some people prefer to use wall-mounted parasols in their patios as they cannot be moved about and are fixed in one place. A freestanding parasol on the other hand, is best suited for a table in the garden area.

If you opt for the freestanding type of parasol, make sure the base is sturdy in order to keep it securely in place. This is especially important in strong winds. You can find different bases made of metal, concrete, or granite. There is also the lightweight option such as stainless steel that is suitable for a freestanding parasol.

Outdoor Dining Furniture Can Enhance Any Event

Many gatherings and events revolve around food. Entertaining can be an enjoyable experience when the necessary tools are utilized. One important aspect is the dining area. Owning comfortable and appealing furniture can enhance the experience for any event. Personally relaxing can be made more enjoyable with quality furniture. Malaga dining for the outdoors is a beautiful addition to any lounge area. Various features and positive aspects make this furniture a must-have for anyone who enjoys the beauty of the outdoors. Providing flare and comfort to an area this furniture can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.


Created with steel mesh this outdoor set is weatherproof and light-weight. Made with quality material this low-maintenance furniture allows the consumer to enjoy it’s comfort without worrying about failure. Available in 3 color options this dining furniture allows for a customized experience. Table adjusters prevents the table from tilting in the event of uneven surfaces.

This allows the consumer to place the table on just about any surface necessary. Easy assembly allows the table to be enjoyed as fast as possible. Relocating this light-weight product would not be an issue in the event of a move or just to re-decorate a different space. A 5 year anti-rust warranty ensures the quality of this furniture. Being highly resistant to the elements is an added benefit to this outdoor dining item. Seating 6 adults this dining furniture provides room for the average number of dining guests. Another option is dining furniture in wicker material called Banaba by Kettler UK.

Choosing outdoor dining furniture should be based on the quality and maintenance of the item. Purchasing an item that is low-maintenance as well as formidable through the elements is a wise choice. An added bonus is the visual appeal and easy assembly of the product. Occasional care for the pillow portions of the product would be the key item to maintain. Customer satisfaction is displayed through this product’s anti-rust warranty. This ensures that this furniture lives up to it’s standards. Manufactured from premium material makes this furniture a wise investment. Consumers can easily enjoy this outdoor dining furniture that provides a wonderful place to gather family and friends.